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Hucks & Washington Furniture Company was founded in 1946 by Curtis Hucks and his nephew, Sam Washington, shortly after Sam's return from the Pacific Theater of WWII.  Curtis and Sam developed a reputation for top quality furniture and low prices, and their business quickly grew.

The business and the store expanded in the years that followed, and Hucks & Washington Furniture became one of the largest family-owned furniture businesses in the area. 

Sam became the sole owner upon his uncle's death in 1968 and ran the business as an active member of the Conway community for the next 50 years. Sam's daughters, Anne Washington and Lucy Coleman, began assisting with the business in the 1990's and have carried on their father's legacy since his passing in 2010.

Hucks & Washington is proud to have 2 ASID designated members on our staff - Anne Washington and Rosemary Jenrette. Many things have changed since 1946, but Hucks & Washington's mission has not changed - offering timeless furniture to North and South Carolinians at a reasonable price.

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